Goodbye 👋

Hi this is Ahmed, the maker behind Creative Africa.

Creative Africa started as a side project, 16 months ago, when I was rejected from a freelance job. Being rejected due to my African origins started a desire in me to show the world that African creatives deserves the best too.

I was surprised how the project was received by the community and how it kept growing. Seeing it grow from nothing to being picked by respected media all around Africa is something I'm proud of and makes me happy about the project in general.

However, this growing attention comes with a cost. This kind of projects need a lot of time and attention. Keeping a day job while working on it is not easy. And by continuing this, I'll be out of time for myself and my personal life.

This is why, Creative Africa is shutting down the 13 December 2018. Nearly one year after the official launch.

Thank you for taking part of this journey so far. And I want to thank everyone who helped the project from the start by being a beta tester, or after the launch by your continued feedback. I'm really thankful for what you did to push the project forward, thank you!

What's next for me? You can follow my journey on my blog

Ahmed @ Creative Africa